Your Ward.

An Effective Voice.

Nick Hutchins

Town Councillor for Ward 3

What Nick plans to tackle in Town Hall .....“To make Ward 3 an even better place”.

Check out the News section for important changes affecting you and your family in Ward 3 and throughout Oakville.

There are large changes coming;

  • The lack of Ward 3 facilities and the need for Ward 3 to have a Community Center and other public amenities.
  • The Hospital is leaving; what will happen to the land?
  • Downtown Oakville needs re-vitalization as stores are closing and being boarded up. I have traveled extensively so believe I can contribute with suggestions of how to revitalize Oakville. In addition, through my business, I have some traffic expertise which I believe will help make the Downtown a more people friendly area, attracting people to the downtown. (Please see my white paper with suggestions on the subject).
  • The Midtown intensification will be happening on the present Go train parking lots, with major traffic implications for the already crowded Cornwall Trafalgar intersection; I believe I can help.

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