About Nick

Fast Facts

  • Family Man, Dedicated Father, Resident of Oakville and Ward 3 Since 1986.

My Daughters


  • Graduate of University of Maryland BSc.


  • Nick is a 15 Year Volunteer in the Trafalgar Chartwell Ratepayers Association (TCRA) and its President for 4 of those Years, so He has Been Fighting  for Ward 3 Issues at Council for 15 Years.


  • Volunteer Committee Experiences Include: Parks and Rec. Tree Subcommittee; Livable Oakville; OPA198; Downtown Strategic Review; Hospital Land Use; C4CA; and Plastic Bottle & Plastic Bag Use Being Only Some.


  • A Businessman, Entrepreneur, With His Own Company HIL-Tech, Nick is an ideas Man with a Joint Patent for LEDline®, His Product.


  • Since His Business is Involved with Providing Expertise in Improving Road Safety, Efficiency and Traffic Management, He will Bring his Skills and Knowledge to Council.


  • Nick is a Committed Environmentalist.


  • For 15 Years, Nick Has Fought To Improve The Charm, Character, Attractiveness and Feel of The Community. When Elected, This Fight will  continue.



It All Began 15 Years Ago!!

Some 15 years ago, I joined the Trafalgar Chartwell Residents Association (TCRA) on their Board of Directors as a active volunteer to improve the local area. I worked to keep our hospital on the present hospital site. Unfortunately, we couldn’t, and a new hospital is now under construction on Dundas and 3rd line. Note: I still haven’t given up having some sort of medical / emergency facility on the present hospital site.

Over the years there have been many, many issues that I have been directly engaged in. Those who have been similarly interested and engaged will know me from Council, from the Committee of Adjustment, or at one of a whole variety of other committees, attending and making presentations. Such committees included; the Parks and Rec. Tree Subcommittee (many years ago, back when Ann Mulvale was Mayor). More recently they include, (not in any particular order) ; Livable Oakville; OPA198; Downtown Strategic Review; Hospital Land Use; C4CA; and Plastic Bottle & Plastic Bag Use and more.

In 2010, the TransCanada / Ford Power Plant became an issue. As President of the TCRA, I organized the TCRA’s opposition to the Power Plant, coordinating our response with the other Ward 3 Resident Associations.



  • I counseled Doug McKenzie on how to start CMGRA (the Chartwell and Maple Grove Resident Association) and worked with him and all Ward 3 Resident Associations and later C4CA to fight the power plant.
  • I mobilised the downtown TCRA area against its construction with signs and newsletters; speaking out against it at Council and at the Committee of Adjustment; and worked hard to support Rob Burton and Kevin Flynn who were leading the fight.
  • Taking time off work to protest, I marched at the Ford Plant and at Queens Park in Toronto. I wrote letters against its construction to Mr. McGuinty and others. (A copy of the Toronto Star and McGuinty letters is on my web site).I have worked tirelessly with all the South East Resident Associations and Council trying to make Ward 3 a better place. Our latest efforts were to jointly ask Council for a Community Center to be built on the hospital lands. Whilst this looks likely, there is still work to be done.


Positions I Hold

Nick Hutchins Letter to Mr. McGuinty

RE Nick Reply to Toronto Star Letter Why new natural gas plants are NOT a good fit for the GTA, April 25


Expect More From Your Town Councillor

As your Town Councillor, I plan on being accessible and accountable to my constituents. If you have a concern, a question, or a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact me. To that end, you can reach me by phone or by email below. Additionally you can “Like” me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Phone: 905 849-8259
Email: nicholashutchins@hotmail.com
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